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The fifth house of your chart indicates love affairs, children, risk-taking or gambling, creativity, sportsmanship, and playfulness. Dates for birthdays in the descriptions of the decans are approximate. You would need to consult an ephemeris or have your chart drawn to be sure. Your birthdays range from July 22nd — August 1st, depending on the year.

Does the phrase Great Balls of Fire!

The 12th Harmonic, your Secondary Self

Goodness gracious! However do you discharge all that solar energy? Are you a second decan Leo with a 9th house Sun? Holy blazes!

No wonder you feel at home there. Here are the Arian Leos, born August 12thrd.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, meaning it finds great ease of expression there. With the Aries influence, you are a true dynamo and a fierce defender of those you love. More timid souls may find you too hot to handle at times, but may also find your leadership qualities hard to resist. If Mars is aspecting your Sun, you have other planets in Aries, or you have a first house Sun, this influence will be felt more intensely.

Starting degrees are noted for each duad. The decans are stronger, the duads add a little extra flavor.


Venus at 16 degrees — Aquarius, Saturn, Uranus — in opposition to my Rising and quincunx to my Moon — need I say more! I was just saying how Fire is my lacking element and you can see why perfectly with these information tidbits. I am absolutely no astrologer but I want to learn. Parin, this helps clear up your blind spot about Uranus, right?

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That is an aha breakthrough! My mother is Gemini personified. Gemini, we developed a plan, and she nearly cried for joy. Normally I use all my Taurus Asc to restore her to a calm frame of mind before we talk. Today I approached the whole thing from a Sun trine Uranus direction and it was like magic. Those who carry in their natal chart the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC, Nodal Axis or Vertex axis in the same sign as your relevant duad or dwad can have a very strong impact.

The type of attraction is described by the planet involved, so if you are drawn to someone who manifests the duads of your Moon, it is likely you want to nurture them; if you are drawn to someone who manifests the duads of your Sun it is likely you will find they shine for you. He would find those with Venus in Scorpio and those with Venus in Capricorn very attractive or magnetic, as these are the duad and dwad of his natal Venus at 23Aquarius The duads of the Vertex axis are particularly powerful as those who carry these signs can open doors of quite different realities in your life.

For example, my own Vertex duad degree is exactly conjunct the Sun of my ex-husband, who was from a different country, class and culture to my own.

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Of course a lot can depend on the condition of your natal planet or angle. If there are traumas connected to any placement then you might find you are repelled by rather than attracted to those whose natal charts manifest that planet's duad. However, you will still draw them into your life. For example, The duads or dwads of your Sun and Moon can describe the Sun sign or Moon sign of a parent, if these don't then in a natural birth the MC-IC, and their duads will describe the Sun sign of at least one of the parents and sometimes both. A parent or grandparent will often have the Ascendant, Moon or Nodes in the sign or the duad of the sign of the Ascendant or Descendant.

There is always an interchange between the sign and duads of the Moon and Ascendant-Descendant of parent and child in a natural birth.

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So from duads you can see which qualities are genetically inherited from which parent and their family line, as well as the qualities you pass through to your children. If the birth was not natural but had some form of medical assistance or the baby was stuck in the birth canal during labor, then you may not find this pattern in the family line.

The person would still be drawn to those whose natal chart echoed his or her duads and perhaps find these people more like 'family' than their own. Duad Charts As the duads describe a mini zodiac within each sign, it is easy to work out a separate duad chart.