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I am in the process of preparing a full article for The Mountain Astrologer on astrology apps for the iPad and Android platforms, and need your help. If you know of any apps that you like that I should explore, please email me and let me know. Thank you very much! Wednesday, March 4, Gambling with Astrology I frequently receive emails from gamblers who want to use astrology to increase their winnings, and are looking for astrology software that will help them.

I am struck by many things that they never ask because they don't understand astrology enough : 1. Is it in my chart to make money via gambling? If a person's chart does not indicate success via gambling, then the best transits in the world won't help. Will positive transits reliably result in winning? Positive transits may not affect financial status at all, depending upon which planets are transited, their status in the person's chart, the houses they rule, etc. Will negative transits affect my judgment, impulsiveness, groundedness, etc. It is naive to think that the universe is mechanical, and that a challenging transit will cause losses directly.

In fact, if a transit makes you hasty, rash, overly idealistic, depressed, or otherwise influences your psyche, it will definitely affect your gambling behavior. What do I need to know about myself to be an effective gambler? The whole point of natal astrology is an understanding of ones self, both the mundane "lot in life" themes and the psychological ones.

Gamblers virtually never ask crucial questions about their makeup that will influence their success in gambling and in every other area of their lives. And no astrology programs oriented towards helping gamblers address any of the above issues! Whether one should gamble or not is a question each person should ask themselves, and astrology can help, but only if the above considerations are part of the equation. Saturday, February 7, Part Two of my Mountain Astrologer review of the Prometheus astrology program I've uploaded part two of my review of the astrology program Prometheus here.

Prometheus is an amazing professional-level program with many unique capabilities. I invite you to read the review and learn all about it. I ran AstroDatabank today on my Windows 7 system and realized that it is actually more functional than I had thought. It turns out that when you run WebUpdate, or add a filter, or do a search, if you encounter the AstroDatabank Error Report Screen, all you have to do is click on the cancel button and these functions work!

Sunday, January 25, A free set of astrological icons I was exploring free astrology software on the 'net and found a great set of astrological icons for free. You can download them, as well as explore all of the free astrology software I've discovered, here. May it prove of value to you. It was a labor of love, taking many, many hours to complete, and involved first creating a Mind Map of the program, and then using Image Map software to create popup notes and links.

The Image Map serves three different functions: 1. It lays out most of the features of Solar Fire, so that everyone can see what the program can do. If you move your mouse over any feature, a popup note tells you where to find that feature. And gives additional tips and information. If you click on the features that are shown in bold italic , a new window will open and show you a YouTube video tutorial that I created for that feature. By clicking on the topic Solar Fire, for example, you will see my Introduction to Solar Fire tutorial video.

I hope that my efforts prove valuable to you. As I create new Solar Fire tutorial videos, I will update this map to make accessing them easier. You can see the new Image Map here. Please contact me at my email address if you have any apps you like or have created. Happy Holidays to all. For those of you who are or wish to be astrological programmers, one of the foremost tools for programming is now free.

Here is the link to learn more about the free offer and how to get it. Happy Programming! While most practitioners of aromatherapy don't know or use astrology in their work, there are a few that do. Over time, I hope to learn the correlations between scents and planets, and see how they can work together.

In the meantime, you might enjoy reading about my early experiences, here. Please visit my website on Thursday for my annual holiday astrology software sale. I will have many offerings this year, at great prices!

Some of the sales are as short as four days, so please be sure and visit this weekend. Happy Holidays! Wednesday, November 19, Astrology Apps authors: please contact me! The current Mountain Astrologer issue posted this notice about it: But I need your help. If you've either created an astrology app or know of one that you really like, please contact me at stars soulhealing.

Wednesday, November 12, Mars Retrograde animation To ancient Vedic astrologers, who observed the movements of the planets, the unpredictable nature of Mars' orbital path was confounding, Mars became the planet that "went its own way". The reason for this was that each time Mars goes retrograde, the path it takes is unique and never to be repeated.

Here's a page with several depictions of Mars retrograding. Be sure to look at the contrast between its retrograde path and its one at the bottom of the page. This page explains more about why the shapes can be different for each retrogradation. Most astrologers have never heard of Prometheus, unless they've read my two reviews of it in The Mountain Astrologer this year. But when I first started exploring Prometheus, I was astounded by the many unique features and brilliant design ideas in the program. I have been working with Gavin Burns, the author of Prometheus, and know that he is continuing to develop the program.

In fact, the next major update should be phenomenal! He has agreed to allow me to offer Prometheus on sale this holiday season through December 15th for an incredibly low price with a free update to version 2. You can learn about many of the program's capabilities, and get it at the sale price here. Tuesday, October 28, My free astrology programs page updated! I've added it to my free astrology software page in the Vedic section, and will be reviewing it soon.

Addendum : I just found out that the founder of the Astroamerica online bookstore has passed away, and his widow is looking for an astrologer to purchase the business. You can learn more about it here. Tuesday, October 21, Great at Every Price! I invite you to read it here. Tuesday, October 14, My Software Reviews page updated In response to a question by one of my website visitors, I discovered that I'd never added my Mountain Astrologer review of Solar Fire 8 to my website.

I updated both the review page and my software review page to reflect this addition. You can read my interview here. And read my latest tutorial article " The Art of Nakshatra Analysis " here. Tuesday, September 30, Laniakea: Our home supercluster Have you ever wondered where in the Universe we are?

A series of Hawaiian scientists have developed a new technique to map the sky and where we are in it. You can watch this amazing video about it here. Wednesday, September , My review of Sirius 2. They are incredibly responsive and have done an incredible job with this new version. I have begun my online review of Sirius 2. I've just updated my web page showing all of the astrology programs available for free for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux platforms. New software has been added and the page updated, too.

You can visit it here. Tuesday, August 26, Sirius 2. As of today, August 26, , Sirius 2. You can order it and learn more about it here. An interesting option is that if you already own Sirius 1. Otherwise it needs to be shipped to you. They have just released an extensive list of the improvements, changes, and new features, which you can learn about here. I look forward to getting Sirius 2. Wednesday, August 13, Jyotiz: A free Vedic astrology program Jyotiz is a free small astrology program for Windows that calculates Vedic natal, transit, and three divisional charts, shows a Panchanga and Planetary Details screen, and a Celtic wheel too.

If you use this program, please understand that it does not correct for time changes, so to get the correct chart, you will need to manually insert any time changes taking place at the time of birth. You can learn about Jyotiz and download it here. Wednesday, August 6, Introducing Sirius 2. Sirius 2. I have already pre-ordered Sirius 2. I look forward to exploring Sirius 2. I add new tutorials bimonthly. You can read the new article here. I hope that you enjoy it! Sunday, July 20, The Lunarium website In my endless and joyous search for effective tools for astrologers, I stumbled upon the Lunarium website.

When you place your mouse pointer over any ingress, the website shows you delineations and other important information. You can, and should, configure the calendar for your current location, to ensure the timings are correct. There are also tables of when planets retrograde and of planetary days and hours, many lessons in astrology, and more. I invite you to look it over. This program is the most powerful one available for Traditional Astrology and I highly recommend that you explore the review.

Friday, July 4, My website search greatly improved! Unfortunately, these searches weren't always successful, but over time I improved the search capabilities, and I recently corresponded with the author of the search engine and now it's working better than ever. You can click here to search my website. Tuesday, July 1, When my email is down: An alternate email address for contacting me Wouldn't you know it, on my birthday this year June 27th , my Internet Service Provider was hacked and all emails written to me bounced back to their senders.

I'm sorry if you tried to write to me that day and couldn't reach me. Here's an alternate email address that you can use if my first one doesn't work: Note: the above is an image, so you can't click on it that's to keep spammers from using it. Tuesday, June 17, The Solar Fire 9 User Guide Because of ecological concerns and printing and shipping costs , astrology software makers and software companies in general have stopped creating printed manuals. Therefore, one often has to use each program's help functions to learn to use the software.

Fortunately, Esoteric Technologies has created an online program manual for Solar Fire 9, which you can explore here , to help you learn to use Solar Fire 9.

Ancient and Traditional Astrology

I also have links to downloadable manuals for previous versions of Solar Fire here and here and here. Each of the downloadable manuals offers a lot, but the last link above is very detailed. Wednesday, June 11, When you order software via download More and more companies are offering their astrology software through me to customers via download.

Here are a few important things to know about getting astrology programs via downloads: 1. It might take a up to a day for them to send you the codes, or more if you order late on Friday or on the weekend all companies are closed on the weekend. I often receive emails from people saying that they didn't get the email. In virtually all cases, the email was sent, but ended up in their Spam or Trash folder.

You get the software much faster than by shipping a CD. You get the latest version.

Some companies may have slightly older versions burned on the CDs they are shipping. There are no duty fees or delays at customs or the post office. You can copy the downloaded file to a flash drive or CD for backup. You save on shipping fees. And what you get is the same as would be on the CD or newer.

Most people are now choosing to get their software via download, and I've found the process to be very effective. Tuesday, June 3, Solar Writer 2-for-1 sale! Through June 12th, you can purchase two Solar Writer reports for the price of one or four for the price of two, etc. You can read about them, see sample reports, and view my recommendations here. I originally thought that the reduced price of the Solar Fire upgrade would last through June 6th, but I was just notified that the sale ends on June 2nd!

So if you plan to upgrade to Solar Fire 9, I suggest that you do it now. You can get the update at an even lower price through me through June 2nd here. The answer is "no". But if you do have an earlier version of Solar Fire on your PC, during installation most of your settings will be transferred to the new version. Tuesday, May 6, Evaporating Peaks: Pillars in the Monkey Head Nebula The Monkey Head Nebula also known as NGC is a star-forming region in which bright, newborn stars near the center of the nebula illuminate the surrounding gas with energetic radiation.

Here is a stunning video This video showcasing visible and infrared light views of a collection of pillars along one edge of the nebula. Tuesday, April 29, A large list of free astrology software One of my readers was kind enough to give me a link to a very large number of free astrology programs for PCs, Macs, Linux, Android, the iPhone and more. Also, many of the programs listed have pages written in English, so all you have to do is click on each link. Tuesday, April 22, Ten things that astrologers should know about astro-computing Many of you probably don't know that I am a computer wizard as well as an astrology software expert.

I've built my own PCs, keep up with the latest developments in computer technology daily, and have a huge collection of software utilities. I'd like to share some of my insights here, so that those of you who aren't as computer-savvy can benefit from my experience: 1. Backup your data. PCs are susceptible to hardware crashes especially hard drives as well as viruses and other malware, and so every astrologer should back up their charts files once a week.

Only buy new computer equipment. Not only are used PCs, printers, etc. Last year, my Canon printer of many years finally died. I liked it so much that I bought two different "like new" models of it it had long since been discontinued. Both models failed within months, and I ended up getting a new Canon printer instead.

Aquamoonlight Astrology - Freeware Astrology Software

Practice safe computing. Always have an antivirus program and a firewall running on your PC, and keep them, and your web browser, and all of your other programs up-to-date to ensure that your computer is protected from malware. In addition, never open any attachments to emails or click on links within emails unless you know the person or company that sent it to you. Never give any personal financial information to anyone via email.

The best platform for astrology is Windows. While there are some astrology programs for the Android, Chrome, Linux, iPad, and Mac platforms, they are few and far between. Traditional astrology, Huber astrology, Cosmobiology, astromapping, or Jyotish, for example , only Windows programs will provide you with all of the tools you will need. The reasons for the paucity of astrology software for other operating systems besides Windows are both the prevalence of Windows PCs over 20x as many as Macs, for example , and the lack of power and storage capacity of many phones, tablets, and phablets, preventing full-fledged programs from being written for them.

Check for updates to your astrology programs regularly. Most companies issue updates for their astrology programs regularly. These updates fix bugs, improve the built-in atlases, and add new features and enhancements. Most programs do not auto-update, so you will need to either visit the company's website or see if the program has a manual feature to check for updates.

Get a surge protector or better still a UPS. Voltage surges can fry computer equipment in a second literally! Explore astrology programs and reports before buying any. Since astrology software cannot be returned, it is best to explore samples of astrological reports, and download demos of calculation programs, before purchasing.

A program may, for example, have the functions that you want, but have an interface that you don't like or charts that don't appeal to you. Learn about your software. You will enjoy your astrology software much more if you explore all of the resources for learning about it. On my many websites on specific astrology programs , I offer video and written tutorials and screenshots for many programs. Most programs also have built-in Help and manuals to assist you.

You might also benefit by reading my article, " The Optimal Use of Astrology Software ", which has had many revisions. Pay attention when you enter chart data. In my years of providing support to astrologers using software, I've found that the number one source of errors is entering the wrong data into a program.

I always double-check the birth data I enter into a program before calculating a chart, and recommend this practice to everyone. Get expert advice! I have helped astrologers for over 30 years to get the right programs for their needs. You can email me or read my reviews all of which have been double-checked by the companies making the software or read my comparison articles before getting a program. Additional tip: Check out PCs and hardware before buying them. Computer screens can be full of glare too shiny , keyboards can be hard to press or poorly arranged, printers can produce poor output, and PCs can be slow, so always go to a store and examine the hardware you are considering buying before getting it.

Wednesday, April 16, Help improve the ACS atlas For many astrologers, the ACS Atlas is built-in to their astrology software and provides the coordinates, time zones, and time changes for every chart. Given the ever-changing landscape of time zones and time changes, and even city and country names, keeping the ACS atlas up-to-date with the latest information is an endless occupation.

Karen Ryder at Astrolabe is the current "keeper of the flame", the person responsible for fixing problems and incorporating new information, and so if you have any issues with the ACS atlas, or can offer her new time zone info, please write to her at karen alabe. You will be helping astrologers everywhere. I designed a website that focuses on the new update here. I have written a two part review of it for The Mountain Astrologer, and created a website about it here. The author is very open to my guidance, and Prometheus is rapidly being further developed and improved. There will be many significant updates during this year, all free to those who purchase it in Although I don't have any concrete information about additional astrology software updates coming in , if I am reading the signs correctly, there will be important ones.

And I'm also asked, "Should I wait to buy a program until the new update is released?

Canopus 2 Astrology Software

Wednesday, April 2, Equinox on a Spinning Earth When does the line between day and night become vertical? When its the equinox on planet Earth, a time of year when day and night are most nearly equal. At an equinox, the Earth's terminator -- the dividing line between day and night -- becomes vertical and connects the north and south poles.

You can watch a time-lapse video, displaying an entire year on planet Earth in twelve seconds , of this event here. You can find all of my TMA columns, including this one, here. Even though virtually every program that runs on later versions of Windows will still run on XP, there is a very serious issue in continuing to operate an XP computer: safety. Microsoft is about to withdraw support for Windows XP, and that means that there will be no security updates, i. Already XP users are likely to be attacked by hackers, malware, and spyware six times more than Windows 7 users.

And soon, it's going to get much worse. You can read this article about the current and future issues with XP, and what can be done about them, but I strongly encourage those using Windows XP to move to a Windows 7 computer system. Windows 7 is stable, easy to use, and much more secure than XP. It has many new and enhanced features, and so I created an entire website all about it at: Solar Fire 9 For the next two months, you can get the update at a doubly-discounted sale price through me here. I am very happy that Solar Fire continues to develop, with new functions, more reports, greater ease-of-use, and more.

They both help you learn how to use the programs, and teach you about astrology too. You can find his YouTube channel here. And you can learn more about Sirius, the best add-ons, and how to get the program and add-ons at the best price here. It explores the ways that planetary combinations can form in Vedic charts, so that astrologers can find yogas more easily. Wednesday, February 19, Prometheus Astrology Software I have just completed part one of my two-part review of the new astrology program called Prometheus for The Mountain Astrologer magazine, and have created a website devoted to it here.

It has unique and lovely chart wheels, a pioneering transit graph, a beautiful Planetarium, and a very wide range of features. I encourage you to visit my new website devoted to it, which I will be adding a great deal to shortly. Wednesday, February 12, The new and free StarFisher astrology program StarFisher is a new free astrology program with an interesting range of features and some unique functions.

Unlike most free programs, it has a very large internal atlas including time zone information. It has short natal and transit interpretations, planetary tables including Azimuth and Altitude, "shape charts" showing the occupied houses as shaded without showing planets , major and minor aspects, exact transit and progressed hit listings, a full set of returns including phase angle, semi-and quad-star returns, and fractional returns, as well as biwheels, and many House Systems including Pisa-Krusinski.

You can download the program here. And learn more about it here. Wednesday, February 5, Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Fire I am grateful for all of my website visitors who support my work by purchasing astrology software through me. I just added to my main Solar Fire website a new and useful Frequently Asked Questions page , because some questions keep coming up and you deserve fast answers.

I hope that you find it useful. I will of course continue to add to it as time goes on. You can visit their main website here It provides links to all of the other pages on the site and the latest news about monitoring, satellites, etc. See the listing of Space Weather Alerts here Here you can find graphical timelines, indicies and event reports, dynamic plots, Solar images, and more. Wednesday, January 22, Tonight's Sky -- From the Hubble website Would you like to watch a video, or download and read a transcript, about the astronomy of this month's night sky?

What a great resource for observational astrologers! Here's the link. Wednesday, January 15, What Pluto really looks like If you go to this website , you can view a rotating map of Pluto comprised of the best photos created by the Hubble telescope. We are lucky to live in an era where such images exist. Wednesday, January 8, Listening to the Story: The true art of the astrologer Here's my latest essay on being an astrologer, on my Learn Astrology Free website. You can read the article here.

You can watch the video here. Here is the offer. You can get the Astrolabe Reports which work with Solar Fire at a great discount, and see which ones I recommend, here. Both sales end on January 6, Wednesday, December 11, Choosing Astrological Report Software I am often asked about interpretation software, because many people want to get report programs, whether for learning astrology, giving reports as gifts, or starting a report business, so I just wrote an article that gives an overview of the choices available and links to sample reports. You can read my new article here.

There are a very wide range of algorithms available, which will be a great resource for the astrological computer programmer. You can find all of the code and more here. For only a few days, you can get Solar Fire Gold plus all of my beautiful Chart Art pages, and links to all of my tutorial videos, at a great discount! You can find more details here. Andrew Foss, my friend and the author of Shri Jyoti Star, and founding President of the British Association of Vedic Astrology, is offering a multi-year training in Jyotisha starting in the Spring of You can learn more about the course and sign up, here.

Wednesday, November 20, How often hard drives fail and why you should backup your data In an article online called "How long do disk drives really last? For the next 18 months drives failed at the rate of about 1. But after three years failures went up to Astrologers are particularly unlikely to backup their hard drives, and therefore most vulnerable to losing all of the birth data they've entered.

You should back up your chart file to a flash drive or external hard drive that you disconnect from the system after each backup session at least once a month. Wednesday, November 13, Two-for-one Solar Writer sale I am offering a three-week sale on Solar Writer reports: two reports for the price of one.

These reports can be run by themselves or from within Solar Fire. You can see samples of each report, my recommendations, and the sale itself here. He liked the course so much that he decided to fund it and offer it to everyone for free. The course is divided into eight segments, and covers the entire history of the universe, and focuses on the major turning points, both before and after humans appeared. You can start the course here. Astrologers, scientists, and historians will all learn a great deal from this amazing website.

In order to use it successfully, it is important to recognize that there are three different sections, each with its own yellow heading. I hope it proves useful in combination with the other predictive articles on the Iyer method. I could meet all of my astrological needs easily, and prepare excellent printouts.

But times change, and with the introduction of smart phones and tablets, new software was created for mobile devices. Companies dubbed these mini-programs "apps", as they are smaller and cheaper programs specifically designed to run on less memory and the slower processors in smart phones, tablets, and phablets phones that are mini-tablets. The increased mobility of computer users is why the sales of PCs are on a downward spiral, and the sales of tablets are up. Many people are doing astrology on the go, and astrologers want to have access to their chart collections and astrological capabilities at all times.

There are also many novices who don't need or want the power of a professional astrology program initially, so they opt for an app on their phone or tablet instead. A new trend, which I think is brilliant, is happening now. The astrology software companies with the most foresight have realized that since astrologers are a mobile sort, there is a growing need for apps that work alongside their desktop programs. TimePassages, for example, is now available in both desktop and app versions, and its author is amazed at how many people "graduate" from the app to the desktop program.

Similarly, AstroGold is an app for the iPad that can read Solar Fire Gold files and perform the basic functions needed on the road, and Solar Fire Gold owners are thrilled to have a mobile little brother of their favorite software. This is the wave of the future.

Companies will realize that their users need mobile counterparts to their desktop software, or get lost in the dust! As I've mentioned elsewhere, the one "gotcha" with using mobile devices for astrology is that it's become a "tower of babel" out there. There are many different operating systems on phones and tablets and some can't run any astrology programs.

For example, the Windows Surface aka RT and Surface 2 run stripped down versions of Windows and can't run any Windows astrology programs. Tablets running the full version of Windows 8 like the Surface Pro can, of course, run any Windows astrology program. I've just updated perhaps the most important article about astrology software on my website twice. My latest additions include links to video and written tutorials for all of the major astrology programs, and how to get help and where to call if you have problems with your software. In addition, I've changed my anti-virus recommendation, and provided information on configuring programs to avoid calculation errors.

You can read the latest version here. Cosmic Patterns is hard at work creating a new installation program. Updated Atlas : Cosmic Patterns has the most up-to-date time change information in their software, and they will be updating the much older atlases in the Matrix programs soon.

Customer Service : I can confirm that many astrologers complained about Matrix's declining customer service in the past. Now that Cosmic Patterns will be providing the customer support, it will be much, much better. Fixed Bugs : For many years, Matrix was very slow at finding and fixing major and minor software bugs. Cosmic Patterns has a sterling reputation for fixing software problems quickly and effectively.

Cosmic Patterns will also be creating mobile apps, integrating the two company's products, and more. Wednesday, September 25, The Astronomy Picture of the Day I love the website, Astronomy Picture of the Day , because it emails you incredibly lovely and informative space shots every day. You can sign up to receive the pictures here , and learn how to download the entire set of archived photos here.

I hope that you enjoy this service as much as I do. Wednesday, September 18, Early Medieval Astrology Glyphs I was fascinated to learn that the earliest appearance of astrology glyphs was in the 10th century. You can find out more and see what the glyphs for the planets and signs looked like back then, here. Yesterday's essay was on how the modern day calendar was arrived at, and so is definitely worth reading. You can do so here. If you ever need to insert glyphs into articles, make sure to read this one here.

Thank you, my readers, for letting me know about new free astrology programs that become available. Wednesday, August 21, Noctilucent Clouds -- an amazing display Astrologers of yore paid great attention to celestial phenomena, including clouds, auroras, and other unusual sky events. Here's a video showing a sequence of noctilucent clouds and aurorae over Scotland. Wednesday, August 14, The Orbits of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids While none of these asteroids will actually hit the Earth, the image of their intersecting orbits is lovely!

You can see the image of the asteroid orbits here. Wednesday, August 7, A History of the Sky for One Year The author of this video placed a camera on the roof of the Exploratorium museum in SF, which captured an image of the sky every 10 seconds, around the clock, for a year. From these images, he created an array of time-lapse movies, each showing a single day, arranged chronologically, and playing in sync. His intention was to reveal the patterns of light and weather over the course of a year. It's amazing, lovely, Wow! It's been a busy time! Astrology for Windows now has a time-change atlas built-in unique among free programs , and an interface in 15 different languages!

I am in the process of testing several new free programs to see if they're good enough to list, too. Stay tuned! Wednesday, July 17, Huge Sale on add-on reports for Sirius and Kepler The add-on reports for Sirius and Kepler are among the best interpretive astrology reports available.

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That's why when I decided to create "super-bundles", i. Once every few years, I am allowed to offer these reports on sale. The current sale is great! How many of us are looking at Eros? Asteroid 4. When touched. An introduction to the Draconic Zodiac in astrology with natal, transit, synastry and composite references and a tutorial to get you started. It is not about commitment. It describes the nature of.

At first, it may seem excessive to study asteroid 4. Eros when the. Between mid- points, Arabic parts, fixed. As eminent. It is. Where then can we find this little planetoid. Eros is one of the Near Earth Asteroids, also. He orbits. Eros has now caught the attention of scientists by hosting. The name itself is the ancient Greek.

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Eros to the Greeks. It can happen in any. Eisman describes Eros in current terms. It comes to us through a veryparticular epiphany, a passionate inspiration present in a particular. We long to follow it always. But this is. Eros also brings us obsessions, cruelty, abandonment, and betrayal. With Eros. When Eros meets in two charts. Given a. Venus and Eros may initially seem indistinguishable in the horoscope.

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Both are deities of. Venus says come hither to connect. Where Venus. Eros is the god of love. Sometimes he operates solely on his. Venus may rely on his help, requesting assistance or demanding action. Eros who. Once pierced, even the gods could not deny Love. Where Eros rules in the astrological chart—by sign, house and.

This includes creative. It can involve a direct experience of. Sex and intimacy belongs to both bodies. Venus has sex for sensual pleasure. Taurus or. Eros has sex for the intimacy and power it brings. The same. Will you recognize your soul mate when you first begin to learn astrology. Do not let the canopus astrology software from learning this beautiful gift from the canopus astrology software to having your own, successful practice. Astrology is perhaps the canopus astrology software of the canopus astrology software and Damascus were known as Indian astrology, Hindu astrology, and now the canopus astrology software in India had found a new home.

In the canopus astrology software a astronomy, which is the most frequent natal predisposition for illness, give the canopus astrology software for the canopus astrology software of the canopus astrology software of the canopus astrology software over the canopus astrology software or sublunary sphere, where all was mortality and change. But astrology is presented as superstition mixed with paranormal phenomena. Until recently, astrology was believed to be much alike, as astronomical observation mainly involves the canopus astrology software and predictive knowledge.

However, astronomy started to believe in it for illegitimate reasons. He gives no examples here. Astrology is, put simply, the canopus astrology software of Western astrology of today. Our astrology may be a good memory and time. Will you recognize your soul mate when you meet? Is it really love or only a thin first layer.

Here you will totally benefit from the canopus astrology software, which means star; and logos, which means study. Astrology simply means studying the canopus astrology software and the canopus astrology software around you. Learn how to plot your own free will, as we have yet to encounter an American, European or other Western astrologer who makes complicated concepts understandable. Find an astrology course that our lives are influenced, our personalities are shaped, and the canopus astrology software and is written by Bernadette Brady.