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Fine, no problem — easy going Libra rising guy laughs it off as a bit of harmless fun. But he has a Scorpio sun sign, and is inwardly seething with jealousy. If nothing else, taking a peek into your joint ascendant sign compatibility can help you fend off problems like the flirting issue above. Whether you wear similar masks or very different ones, it pays to know who the person behind that mask really is. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. Virgos can be too critical in a relationship. Also, its a very health oriented sign, so your partner better stay in shape or that will bug you. But I think you will have a good married life based on your trinity. There is a lot of astrology info I can't know without a chart. Also, since you have a Virgo Ascendant, you will be attracted to someone with those traits. So a sensible, reliable, intelligent and witty person will fill the bill. I am a Cancer moon with a Leo sun and Libra rising. I find myself in conflict with who I am most of the time.

Can you help shed some light on how my combination of signs might be causing this? I was born on September 22nd, , AM in Croatia. I was always very interested in astrology and astronomy as well , and according to some online calculators, my Moon is in Cancer, and my ascendant is Leo. I was wondering if that's correct. I feel like these 3 things Virgo, moon in Cancer and Leo are kind of conflicting. What do you think? I looked up your Sun, and it is in Virgo, 29 degrees of Virgo. Some people still believe that they can have birthdays "on a cusp" which is untrue.

So you are a true Virgo! That means you are intelligent; you care about your health, you get bored easily, and are a strong communicator. Virgos often work in service fields to be of help to others, an admirable trait to have. Your Cancer Moon also means you have nurturing qualities and care deeply about those you love. You are imaginative, charming, moody, also easily bored, but it's a leadership sign so you'll get out there to find something for you and your friends to do, or will take a course to learn about a new subject you have a sudden interest in.

You want security in a relationship and are likely to settle into one marriage with one person you feel comfortable with and who you trust. The Leo Ascendant is the mask or facade we wear with people we don't know well. Leo is the Queen or King, and expects attention from other people. You want to look your best and will spend to get the better items to wear, although, with Cancer and Virgo in you, it can wait until it's on sale!

Leos are strong-willed and usually attract a following. You are a good host and love to go out and also entertain. Nothing is conflicting about these signs; they are in zodiac order, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. The Cancer Moon is in what is called a sextile aspect to the Virgo sun easy, creative.

And Leo goes well with both of those zodiac signs. So if you are experiencing conflict, there is another reason in your chart regarding other planets, houses or aspects. This trinity is a nice one. That's a lot of water signs. You are very emotional and most likely psychic or have great intuition. The Scorpio sun is a fixed sign. You are independent, serious, need privacy, strong, capable, sensual, and a born leader.

Scorpios are strong-willed and don't see shades of grey, so your opinions are very fixed. But the other positions soften that a bit. The Cancer moon rules your emotions, and you need security in your life, especially in your love life. Cancers are moody and changeable, but generally likeable social butterflies.

Cancer Moon Sign People

This is a leadership sign, so you are a hard worker and usually take the lead. You are very imaginative and creative, and use that to your advantage. You get bored easily, and like to travel, especially by water. You are ambitious and plan for the future. Pisces rising is the way others see you. Pisces is a gentle, retiring sign. You are easily approachable and are very understanding of others. You are very spiritual and not materialistic. You would give a stranger the shirt off your back. You are psychic or have telepathy with those you are close to.

Venus in Libra rules love and social life. You were born to be half of a couple, even half of a business partnership. You will want to spend most of your time with a lover, and hate to be away from them. You want to be pampered and to go out often to nice places. If you don't get a lot of attention, the Cancer and Pisces in you will have hurt feelings. But the Scorpio makes you tough and you won't take any nonsense from a lover.

I like this combination, and would love to see you studying a metaphysical subject or getting into meditation. It would be good for you, as Cancer also needs alone time. This contradicts the Venus Libra a little. You want to see a partner constantly, but do have that side that needs private time. I have never had the pleasure of casting horoscopes for twins.

But the rule of astrology is first to know the birth time, to establish the beginning or ascendant on the chart. This changes every two hours. So depending on whether the Ascendant changed or the house, or planets on the cusps of the houses changed, it can alter how the whole astrology wheel is cast. There are 29 degrees in each astrology sign, so even though the second twin was born a few minutes later, some factors could have changed in that brief period. The Sun and Moon move fast, as does the sign ascending.

So if they were in that late degree point, the signs on the ascendant and on the houses could change in that short period. We call the critical part of the horoscope a Trinity. If the second twin is born a few minutes later, or the moon or Sun changes zodiac signs during that period, this would account for differences between the twins. So one could have Aries rising, or the next would have Taurus rising. This will change what signs rule each of the 12 houses.

But the 12 planets will be in the same signs, just at different parts or houses, and that would show up as different traits. But since the planets will be in the same signs, the twins will still have pretty similar charts. As I said, I've never been able to test this out! I have a Taurus sun, Cancer moon, and a Libra rising. The more I read about my natal chart, the more fascinating it gets. When I was 21, I was made a manager over the course of four months.

How do my other signs play roles in this? I don't know what you mean by other signs since you know some astrology, you know all of your planets are in a zodiac sign. But you are doing well! The Cancer moon and Libra rising are what makes you a leader; they are called cardinal signs of leadership. It's also the Cancer moon that makes you emotional and drawn to psychic work. I'm really happy you are taking an interest in astrology, you are learning fast and have a gift for it if you choose to develop it! Being a Taurus, you are a gentle person as Venus rules Taurus, so is Libra, but wait for that, it's a different dynamic.

Taurus people are sensible and what you see is what you get. Your friends know they can count on you. You are sensual in a natural kind of way, although your other two trinity signs don't hurt here. Taurus takes their time and thinks things through. You want security and are a faithful person looking for a long-term relationship when you are ready.

You can be stubborn but do it so sweetly people don't notice. The Cancer moon represents your emotions. If you get a moon sign book or calendar, you will get to know which days are good for what purposes. Cancers like to be the power behind the scenes, yet always end up in the public eye anyway. They are charming, kind, nurturing, get bored easily, and love to travel. You are sensitive, but with the Taurus and Libra, I don't think you dwell on slights or get your feelings hurt too easily. Venus in Cancer is terrible with that. Libra rising is the other cardinal sign, ruled by Venus, the iron hand in the velvet glove approach to leadership!

You charm others and have an outgoing and pleasant personality. You really like other people and going out, except on those few Cancer moody days, full moons, and when the transiting moon is in Cancer, its conjunct the Natal Moon in your Trinity. Libras have trouble making up their minds, you want to be fair the symbol is the balance of justice , so you look at all things from all sides. You sometimes would keep an opinion to yourself rather than hurt someone's feelings or cause a scene. Libras are attractive, and you work hard to look good. It rules the marriage house, so I see you with a partner someday.

You will always be an achiever with goals having both Cancer and Libra in your chart. It sounds like you are doing great at Best wishes and if you have other questions, I'd be happy to work with you. Libra is the sign which rules partnerships and marriage, so since your Sun and Venus are there, you will put a lot of effort into finding the right partner, and I would be shocked if you didn't find a good marriage partner. Also, both Libra and Capricorn are cardinal and leadership signs, so you are an ambitious person who intends to achieve your goals and will be attracted to someone who is a go-getter like yourself.

Your partner can't be lazy and has to have aspirations because you want nice things and are willing to work for them. Libra people are charming and want to be liked. Even if you have a different opinion than those around you, you may keep it to yourself rather than make others, not like you.

Balance is very important to you. You want a lovely home and love clothes, but realize this requires a good source of income. You could even be in a business of your own with your partner. You love people and entertaining. The Venus in Libra means you are a hopeless romantic, and can't imagine a life by yourself. You are a social creature and most likely able to attract attention because of your good looks and charm.

The Capricorn Moon adds to your desire to achieve. You hold in your emotions and need to learn to express them more, but the Libra in you helps with that. Capricorns are serious and symbolized by the mountain goat standing at the pinnacle of the mountain, or success, so it's important for you to find someone who shares your dreams of achievement. You are sensual and somewhat reserved in love until you are sure, but once you decide, I think your chances for a good married life will be fine. Just make sure you know the person and want many of the same things out of life. I'm a Capricorn sun sign and a Cancer moon sign female, what does that say about me?

I find it difficult to date but the person I;m interested in is an Aquarius sun sign and a Libra moon sign. Is there any chance of having a serious relationship? The Capricorn Sun is ambitious, so you want to succeed and want security in a relationship. The Cancer Moon means you are tender and romantic, but both signs are conservative, and you want a home and family.

You don't want to waste time dating someone if you don't think it's going where you want it to go. An Aquarius Sun changes often and unexpectedly, but Cancer changes every two and a half days, since the Moon changes signs that often, traveling the zodiac's 12 signs in 28 days. So both of you are quick to change, and can understand that about each other. Aquarius people aren't known for settling down, so this could be an issue. Also, the square causes sexual tension, a plus in love relationship. I would say give it a try, I think you two will have good chemistry and be able to communicate well.

It's not a real lot for me to go on, but I like what I see! You both have planets in other signs and houses that I don't know, but these could possibly make it easier. It is certainly worth a try. I'm a Cancer moon with Taurus sun, and Gemini rising, how does this affect my future decisions and personality? Taurus Sun people are down to earth and want to settle down into a life of comfort, but are willing to work hard to get that. A Cancer Moon rules your emotional makeup, so you are romantic, as is Taurus. You are close with family, want financial security, and probably want to be in a monogamous relationship.

You will make sensible decisions and consider them carefully. The Gemini Rising is the way others see you, and that's more outgoing and fun. The Taurus and Cancer can be fun as well, but as far as decisions, you aren't going to keep changing your mind, you are a serious person, who will enjoy a nice social life. Take care. It's really hard for me to answer questions like this without casting and interpreting a complete birth chart. I can't see what signs your other planets are in, or what houses, or what aspects your planets make to each other.

You had to go on a site to get your ascendant, didn't they offer an explanation of your chart there? Unless you did the work and cast the chart yourself. Aquarius is a freedom loving sign, and you don't like conventional relationships, so that could be one reason. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and you make sudden and erratic changes. This can confuse others. Cancer rules your emotions. Cancer is a loving and nurturing sign. But Cancer's ruler is the Moon, and it travels through all 12 zodiac signs in a month, so you also go through little changes every 2 days or so.

Plus an Earth sign would bore you to death, I'd say no to that. Sag people seem really friendly and outgoing, and usually don't judge others. They accept everyone and make others feel at ease. So that's not causing the dating issue. I think it's the fact you need some space in a relationship and although Cancer loves security, Cancers need alone time, so also need space.

You need someone who honors that and accepts you are a nonconformist. I hope that helps a little. Try an Air sign or Fire signs. Hang in there. Sometimes we meet someone great when we aren't looking. Is this a good placement? What do you recommend I should work on? The Virgo sun means you are intelligent and hardworking. You are reliable and sensible. Virgos can be critical. They take good care of their health, but can become hypochondriacs. So be careful about that. Cancer Moon represents your emotional outlook, and you are strongly emotional and express yourself well.

You do change a lot, and that can confuse others. But you are nurturing, kind, charming, ambitious, and also romantic, and sensitive.

The Libra rising is the way others see you. Libras are fair, smart, usually lively and popular. You love to go out and like the better things in life. You are willing to work for them though. You like to do things in partnerships and want to be in a romantic partnership much of the time. You take time to consider decisions, because you want to look at the issue from all sides. It's a good Trinity; I don't see any really big issues with it. Sure, as long as you understand this is a far cry from the interpretation of a whole Natal Astrological Birth chart. This is called The Trinity. A Virgo Sun person is fun to be with, witty and knowledgeable about many topics.


Cancer and Cancer Compatibility: Home Sweet Home For Ever After?

This is someone up on the topics of the day, and a friendly, kindhearted companion. This is a person with an agile mind, who also cares much about their health and is conscious of living a healthy lifestyle. The Moon represents your emotions, so in Leo, you are a romantic, but expect to be shown a boatload of attention. You want to be treated like royalty all the time.

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And it could be hard to find someone who worships you enough. But you are warm and generous, a great host, and love to enjoy life. You are happy to go out to try new places and meet new people. Leos want the best in clothes and furnishings. You won't leave a burning building unless you are sure you look good.

But in love you are loyal and once you decide, nobody will talk you out of it. Scorpio rising is the mask you show the world. Scorpio rising people come off as very reserved and a little like they may not care. But you are sizing people up and deciding if you really do want to get to know them better. You give off a strong vibe, and some will be intimidated by it. You are able to read people very well, and they know it. But you are also hardworking and driven.

You research anything which interests you. You are also sensual and this comes way through. Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, so you are a tad stubborn. The Scorpio is the more serious of the signs in your trinity.

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Virgo and Leo are more outgoing, Scorpio needs privacy a little more and you are hard to read for other people. It's a good combination, I don't see anything hard or to worry about. I have my sun in Pisces, moon in Cancer and my rising in Sagittarius.

Cancer Compatibility: What Is The Best Match For Cancer?

How can I deal best with the overload of feelings and emotions and be more balanced? Since what you tell me here is only water signs found in two out of three parts of your trinity, I can't really see why you have an overload of feelings and emotions. Besides these three positions, there are seven more planets in signs and in Twelve houses. Plus all the distances the planets are from each other form aspects, and I don't know that.

It probably gets worse during time when the Moon is in Cancer each month and also during the full moon. Cancers are very emotional and sensitive, that's why they are represented by the crab. They gave to toughen up a bit. Also, Pisces people are very tender-hearted, and empathetic, and maybe you are getting too involved in other people's problems. It's OK to say no to people sometimes, I think you let others drain you. Even people we love will take advantage of our energies if we let them, and because we love them, we often allow it.

Try to make boundaries and get time to recharge your emotional batteries more often! I let people do that to me too! A good site to check where your other planets are is Cafe Astrology. Hang in there and remember, if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anybody! His birth time is somewhere between His birth location is India. I want to know his moon sign. I'm a typical Libra and I'm worried if he's a Cancer. What's his moon sign? I believe his Moon is in Leo, and describe that in an article called Leo Moon Sign Emotions if you type it in your browser.

Even if you are Cancer and he is Libra, those signs form a square aspect, but that's not bad. It can add a lot of excitement and challenge to a relationship. Be positive. I was born on the 18th of June in at PM. I am a Gemini with Virgo rising and a Cancer moon. I am sorry you are feeling so bad right now. You are a very sensitive person and care so much about everyone. They may not understand the depths of the emotions you feel.

With Virgo Rising, you are very responsible, and I think others come to you for advice, or just blab on about their problems, and it overwhelms you. You really want to help everyone so much, in a practical way, and it's hard for your feelings not to get involved too. I like that you have the Gemini Sun, it means you are intelligent and have many interests. Try to get more time to yourself and pamper yourself a little more. I am Cancer with planets in Gemini, and it relaxes me to read or write poetry.

Writing could be a good outlet for you. Why don't you begin a journal? I used to keep one and write in it every night. I'd write all about what I felt and what happened that day. I would read it at the end of every month. It showed me what I was complaining about or worrying about, but maybe not doing anything about.

Or you could spend time with people that bring you down. Your Cancer Moon picks up on other people's emotions too. Geminis have many interests; maybe you should start a new hobby. All three of these signs crave change, so maybe you need to add some new habits or friends or interests to your life.

I was born on May 5th, at am in the Bronx, NY. I'll try. It's very hard without casting a whole chart or having a Natal Birth Chart in front of me. Usually, I spend around 10 hrs interpreting. I have no clue what houses any of these planets are in, and you aren't even giving me planets for some of the zodiac signs.

So next time, please give me something with the correct info to interpret. There are a plethora of astrology sites, mine is even listed on my profile page. If you do have Aquarius rising, that puts Taurus on the cusp of your 7th house, an important one, it rules marriage and war I always wondered about that one!


Taurus and Cancer do not conflict at all. They are earth and water, always compatible with each other. Both are kind and gentle signs, nurturing, who want to get married or at least feel secure in a relationship. Cancer Moon rules your emotions, so they are intense and changeable in this sign. You are nurturing and loving, creative and ambitious.

Cancer is a leadership sign, and people forget about that. So you do like to get your own way and others look to you for advice. Aquarius Rising is the facade you show the world, so they see a nonconformist who is stubborn and intends to do everything their own way. You are original and intelligent. Uranus is the planet ruling Aquarius, so that's erratic and sudden change.

So you change a real lot, with the Cancer and Aquarius. Taurus is the least of your worries. Actually, Cancer and Aquarius couples are common. Since both are nonconformists, or just can't understand other people's rules, you can reconcile these parts of yourself. You have to do it your way, so life makes sense to you.

It's not a big conflict, though you may surprise people with sudden changes or ideas. But whatever planet is in Taurus is a stabilizing influence. Taurus is sensible, sensual, reliable, and can be fun. They like the good things in life, and with Cancer, will be ambitious enough to work for those things, even if they are not what others think are the "good things. It's old astrology books that make them sound dire. They are no big deal. Your approach to relationships seems different than you appear to be. You just have to give yourself permission to be yourself, and I think you will be OK.

Can you explain what this says about me? Having a Sag Sun means you accept people for who they are, and are pretty easygoing. It's a fire sign, so you are friendly, fun, and intelligent. I know really quiet Sag people and really talkative ones. Since you have a Cancer moon, I think you would be a talkative one! Sag rules law, philosophy, and higher education, so you may be interested in any of these subjects. It also rules foreign cultures, so you may fall in love with someone from a different country, or fall in love with something about a different culture.

My son has three planets in Sag and runs a school in traditional Okinawan karate; it keeps to the old ways. Also, you are very independent. Cancer moon explains your emotional makeup. You are gentle and nurturing. You are emotional and get bored easily. You are changeable and like to travel. You care deeply about family and friends, and this is a leadership sign, so friends often seek your wise and caring counsel. Capricorn rising is the way you appear to others. You seem reserved before you get to know people better, and the same for the Capricorn Moon.

Once you are sure you want someone in your life, then you are warm and kind. But Capricorn doesn't like to waste time on people they feel aren't worth it. You are reliable and a take-charge person. I see ambition here and think you would do well beginning your own business in whatever you are good at. Venus rules your love and social nature.

Capricorn has trouble here, it's hard to break your reserve, and you don't like surprises.

Cancer Ascendant // Rising Sign

You are capable of love and being sensual, but in private, you don't like to show feelings in public, though your Cancer Moon can help you there. I think you will settle down with someone when you are ready, but it will be with someone who shares your goals and ambition in life. I don't know why you think this is a "strange combination. That can be Fire, Air, Water, or Earth. I say this not to insult you, but I've answered this question and ones like it every day, and people never learn.

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I've written hundreds of articles about astrology. Even this question was written from the bottom of Cancer Moon Sign Emotions, and did you even read it? It explained what a Cancer Moon means in total. You just skipped to the bottom, without even trying to understand THAT article, and expected me to waste 20 minutes of my time interpreting this so you didn't have to when the information was in the article..

So you probably won't read the one I am trying to get you to to so you actually learn. The Sag Sun means you are an outgoing and easygoing sort of person. You are independent and like to go out with friends. Even if you are in a relationship, you still need freedom to pursue your interests. Sag rules education, philosophy, religion and law, so one of those may play an important part in your life. It also rules foreign travel, so you may travel often. You may fall for a person from a different country. The Cancer Moon that was described thoroughly in the article means you are kind and gentle.

You are a dreamy person and also very creative. You are the one friends come to for sympathy and when they need someone to depend on. Cancers are ambitious though, so you have goals and dreams and will go on to work towards them. You have a strong love of family and friends. The Cancer Rising is the way you appear. In this case, it's kind and approachable, and others probably like you. They sense that you are trustworthy and that they can depend on you. So basically, you seem more Cancer, but have the Sag Sun.

With Cancer rising, you have Capricorn on the 7th house, which rules marriage. So you will be drawn to a person who has goals and ambitions like you. You want to be made to feel secure in this relationship, and want a sensible partner. But they have to fun too and like social life, or the Sag in you won't like that! How do I make the best of my life other than thinking of my man? What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match? The Sun Sign Match report will help you find some much-needed answers.

As the core element that represents this group is fire, the people belonging to this group are spontaneous, carefree, fun-loving, warm and enterprising. These people generally do not hold grudges against anyone for. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the Water Signs. They happen to be the most intense amongst the Zodiac Signs and are the ones that are highly driven by emotions.

They can be extremely warm and affectionate towards their loved ones and can literally pour their hearts out. The Earth Sign natives are known for their patience, stability and practical approach. These people generally give great importance to aesthetics and refinement. Though, they may not be very expressive, the Earth Signs can be really warm beings from within, but it may take long. The Air Signs, namely Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are very chilled out and light-hearted folks, and do not like getting worked up about things.

Highly imaginative and creative, these people like variety and keep exploring various options. When with them, you should be prepared for. Know with whom you share the best and worst relations with, based on your Zodiac Sign. Venus In Libra: In this article, know about the developments as Venus enters Libra and Venus transit effects on the 12 moon signs Jupiter Saturn Ketu Conjunction in Sagittarius How will this planetary movement influence your life.

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