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A relocated birth chart is necessary to find out how to improve those patterns in the birth chart that make someone unhappy with oneself, by relocating. My own experience tells that a person may be born with a certain unsettlement and discomfort at home, but by travelling and discovering new, exotic places never dreamed of, one can suddenly discover oneself as a new and improved person, much happier than ever This is what happened to me, as I relocated to London, a place where the Sun is conjunct with the Ascendant of the relocated chart.

A friend of mine travelled to Paris in her honeymoon and got pregnant while there, as promised by the Moon conjunct the Ascendant in her relocated chart for Paris. Arnold Schwartzenegger, born in Graz, Austria, became famous and enjoyed artistic and political success in California, where his relocation chart has Jupiter in the 10th house of career, conjunct with the Midheaven.

When looking forward to ordering a relocation astrology reading you should know what you really want, because some places are very favourable for settling, while some other places can be very auspicious for building a career. Relocating your house chiefly depends on these two factors taking the placement of planets into consideration.

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Astrogeography is the popular term used in Europe in the early times. The method identifies different life conditions by changing locations, specifically home locations. This techneque helps unveil the effects of relocating to a new place, either locally or globally.

There are innumerable instances of people suffering in the country of their birth or a specific country. All this can be seen and, the solutions are given, through AstroCartoGraphy map.

How to Read AstroCartography Maps with Relocated Charts

In this case, there is absolutely no need for a new chart every time. A computer program captures every move of the individual and shows which location is favourable. Using this method, you can predict clearly how living in different geographical locations can influence your fate significantly. The chart signifies your destiny however, relocating to a new place that emphasizes the stronger planets in the chart make the difference. The results will bring prosperity, success and happiness into your personal and professional spheres.

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Prashna chart forms a major part of Vedic Astrology and gives precise information about the effects of a specific place. You can concentrate on a specific segment of time in the natal chart with a close-up view of a particular area. This can be the planetary major period or its sub-period. Prashna chart is a strategic tool to make tactical and refined decisions to arrive at an accurate answer. Skills needed to read a Natal chart and a Prashna chart are distinct.

An astrologer specifically trained in Prashna reading can perform accurate research and provide sound solutions. When it comes to creating and interpreting a relocation chart, the angles of the planets are of paramount importance. However, your birth time should be accurate. Check out the following effects of planets in different angles ascendant and midheaven :. When Gandhi returned to India, he was under the influence of a communications Mercury power line and a spiritual destiny node line.

He was one of the first people to use the media to help him accomplish his goal.

He also became famous for walking to the ocean to make salt, a task forbidden by English law. Mercury rules transportation including walking.

We will get you started on the Journey of Exploring the Best Places for you.

His soul destiny line was in the signs Aquarius and Leo. Aquarius is the independent rebel who works for the higher ideals of humanity. Leo steps into leadership, and does so with an open heart. Mahatma Gandhi was certainly tuned into his personal power lines to help him accomplish his life work.

Astrocartography: Vedic Relocation Astrology Using Astrocartography and Prasna Horary Astrology

Your accurate birth time within 20 minutes is critical to this consultation. Some places are great for your career, others for your love life. There is no one place that has everything. You can even use these maps if you never move away. Audio recordings of your session. Start here for your Initial Consultation Relocation Astrology is a full 1. Or, request an update for your initial consultation Select a follow-up option if I have already done your initial Earthlines consultation and you would like an update.

You will get a world map with your major power lines and regional maps with both regional major and minor power lines that are good for the duration of your life. You will get relocation charts which show how moving or different time zones affect the tone of the natal chart.