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What is the texture? Is the front smooth while the palm is rough? Are the fingers manicured or dirty? Remember, cosmic warriors, nothing should be overlooked in divination practices. Everything has meaning, and when you infuse your practice with intuition, you'll seamlessly extract the meaning of the smallest details. Next, familiarize yourself with the hand shapes that correspond with the four elements : fire, earth, air, and water. After mastering hand shapes and their associated elements, you can get to know the mounts and plains of the hand, regions that correspond with major areas of life, as well as the lines , creases that tell a story about the future.

Let's take a look at each of these. There are four basic hand shapes within palmistry, each connected with a different element and its associated traits. Although the four elements are also embedded in astrology , your hand type may not correspond with your astrological profile. For instance, although someone may be a fiery Aries , the shape of their hand may be that of a water sign, revealing nuanced insight into the complexities of their personality.

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Earth hands are identified by square palms and short fingers. These hands are often firm, solid, and fleshy. Individuals with earth hands are known to be practical, logical, and grounded. While secure and reliable, they can become too consumed with their immediate realities, which can ultimately hinder long-term planning and achievement. You can tell a fire hand by its long palm and short fingers.

These hands often have distinctive creases and defined mounds read on for more about those. Individuals with fire hands are known to be passionate, confident, and industrious. They're driven by their desires, and on a bad day, they may lack tactfulness and empathy. Air hands have square palms and long fingers and are often boney, with protruding knuckles and spindly fingers. This hand type signifies intellectually curious individuals with innate analytical abilities and communication skills. Those with air hands are easily distracted and, if not stimulated, can become anxious or edgy.

Palmistry — a Quick Chinese Palm Reading Guide

Water hands are distinguished by their long palms and long fingers. These hands are often soft to the touch and a bit clammy, with an overall narrow appearance.

Palmistry in Vedic Astrology

Those who have them are in tune with their emotions, intuition, and psychic ability. Fueled by compassion and imagination, these individuals are often creatives. They're also extremely sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt, causing undesirable interpersonal stress. After you've identified the hand type, begin observing the palm's natural topography.

Fleshy areas called mounts and plains are related to different life themes. The classic mounts correspond with the seven classical planets within astrology : Apollo the sun , Luna the moon , Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Rounded, slightly elevated mounts reveal attributes that are balanced and well-proportioned, while sunken mounts expose an individual's "blind spots" or underdeveloped qualities. Lastly, extremely prominent mounts reveal dominant characteristics that may be exaggerated or overemphasized. Located at the base of the index finger and above the Mount of Inner Mars , the Mount of Jupiter symbolizes confidence, ambition, and leadership.

It reveals a connection to the spiritual realm, along with divine aptitudes. The Mount of Saturn is located at the base of the middle finger. This area corresponds with wisdom, responsibility, and fortitude. It reveals an individual's integrity, as well as their deep understanding of the ups and downs of life. Found beneath the ring finger, the Mount of Apollo derives its name from the sun god of classical antiquity.

Within palmistry, this region of the hand corresponds with an individual's optimism, vitality, and essence. Just as zodiac sun signs expose individuals' innate spirits, the Mount of Apollo showcases artistic inclinations, happiness, and success. Situated underneath the pinky finger, the Mount of Mercury is connected to communication and intelligence.

This region is linked to wit, adaptability, and social skills, revealing an individual's strategic mind and resourcefulness. Named after the ancient Roman goddess who personified the moon, the Mount of Luna symbolizes imagination, intuition, and psychic powers.


Located toward the bottom of the palm on the pinky side, this area reveals an individual's empathy, compassion, and imagination. While the moon illuminates the darkness , the Mount of Luna is linked to the insight found within magick. Located at the base of the thumb, the Mount of Venus is linked to love, sensuality, and attraction. This zone showcases natural magnetism, as well as an individual's emotional connection to romance. Sexuality, passion, and indulgence are all under the auspices of this region. In palmistry, Mars covers a lot of ground.

Named for the Roman god of war , these three distinctive sections represent aggression, resilience, and temperament, respectively. Inner Mars , also referred to as Lower Mars, is located above the thumb, and it symbolizes physical strength and bold tenacity. Outer Mars , or Upper Mars, represents perseverance and emotional bravery.

The Plain of Mars occupies the lower center of the palm and demonstrates how these two aforementioned qualities are balanced. Because the Plain of Mars is usually flat, its significance is determined by which lines occupy this section. When you think of palmistry, the image of an eccentric mystic tracing the creases of your hand in a dimly lit room probably comes to mind. While this "smoke and mirrors" stereotype may be a bit dated, it's not totally off-base.

The folds and creases of the palms, referred to as lines , are indeed used to form narratives and predict future happenings. The meanings of different lines are determined by analyzing their length, depth, and curvature. No two palms are unique, so remember that context is everything: Note where each line begins and ends, which mounts it crosses, and where the creases intersect. Your intuition will fuel your analysis, so get creative. When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask your querent questions of your own.

After all, you're a palm reader, not a mind reader. When you understand your querent's history, you'll be able to offer richer insight by applying your observations to real-life situations. The mind plays a pivotal role in shaping our destiny, and the head line shines light on our intellectual curiosities and pursuits. Located in the center of the palm, it also reveals the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. The complexity of an individual's mental pursuits corresponds with the line's depth, while the line's length reveals the breadth of the topics they explore.

A wavy line signifies progressive thinking, while a straight line reveals more a traditional approach.

Palmistry: Palm Reading Basics — Easily Know Your Fate

Breaks in the line can signify mental strife, or more optimistically, monumental breakthroughs or epiphanies. However, there are certain exceptions, as some of these lines are not present on the palms of certain human beings. Lifeline Line: You can find out your life expectancy rate and overall journey of life with a detailed analysis of this line.

Health Line: You can assess your well beings and the ailments you encounter in life with the help of this line. Fate Line: This line works in accordance with your lifeline and provides information about your ability to cope up with various situations of life. Head Line: This line provides information about your wisdom and intellect.

According to Vedic Astrology, the dominant hand of an individual i.

AstroSage has provided some necessary information on how to practise the art of Palmistry. There are four types of hands representing four different elements. Lines of dominant and passive hands tend to be different. Following are different types of hands which are seen during Hand Reading:. Air Hands: These kinds of hands are identified as a square-shaped palm with thin and clear lines and long fingers. People with these kinds of hands tend to be sociable and smart in nature. Also, they can be a bit restless and crave changes often.

They love mental stimulation and look for a close and harmonious relationship with mental stability. Earth Hands: These kinds of hands are identified as a square-shaped palm with deep, thick and clear lines and short fingers. Natives with such hands tend to be practical in life and down-to-earth. They connect strongly with nature and can be straightforward as lovers. Fire Hands: These kinds of hands are identified as a long palm with abundant lines and short fingers. The natives with such hands have a warm and firm skin and are known to be risk-takers.

In their love life, they are known to be the leaders and can be loving and positive.

Water Hands: These kinds of hands are identified as a long palm with thin and unclear, plentiful lines and long fingers. Their skin can be soft, and the natives can be emotional and creative. In their love life, these natives tend to be sensitive, caring and a little naive. They are the Heart, Fate, Life and Head lines respectively. The Heart Line determines the aspect of love. If this particular line begins from your index finger, then you will be lucky in love. You will become selfish in love if it begins from your middle finger.

Also, you are likely to remain head over heels in love if the line starts between your index and middle finger. The Head Line provides information about your intellect and wisdom.

Read Your Fate Line as per Indian Vedic Palmistry

If the line is curvy, you will have creative abilities and a spontaneous nature. A straighter line indicates your practical attitude towards the aspect of learning. The journey you choose to embark upon in life can be predicted by studying the Life Line, which starts in between your index finger and thumb.

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If the line is straight forward, your journey will be a smooth one. On the contrary, a crooked line points out your low life expectancy and hurdles that you will encounter in the path of life. Next on the list is the Fate Line. Not each and every human being has this line engraved on their palms. The deep nature of this line suggests your dependency on destiny while its broken and shallow nature reveals the altering nature of your life. The Fame Line indicates wealth, reputation in society and talent and runs parallel along the fate line.

In case you wish to know more about your marital life and bliss, Marriage Lines are there to reveal it all. These are short in length and present horizontally underneath the little finger on the side. Multiple lines suggest multiple relationships, a fragmented line suggests troubled relationship, a forked one reveals separation whereas a deep line indicates strong and lasting relations.

Vertical Lines revealing about Kids are present right beneath the little finger. These lines develop through Love or Marriage Lines.