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This makes them very easy to get along with and their presence is soothing and reassuring for others when they are troubled. They also possess the ability to stick to something to the bitter end; this determination and conviction give them a formidable energy and power. This could be because they can get so absorbed in their work, their ideas or their projects that they place close human contact at the bottom of the list.

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Their focus is often the universal, the social, the bigger picture or the group, and they are in many respects the wounded healers of this world. They are the politicians, doctors and social reformers who make great changes for the good of others but have little time for the welfare of their own family. They are the counselors and psychologists who can help others work through their emotional traumas but are unable to identify their own. It is crucial for their own psychological growth that they become more self-aware and respect themselves enough to let others get close to them.

Fortunately, around the age of eighteen and then again around the age of forty-eight there are opportunities for them to develop stronger emotional bonds with others.

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