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Joni Patri Joni is your typical Tropical Astrologer turned Vedic Sidereal , making her a great resource for people who are interested in transitioning as well. She does a good job of breaking the cultural and language barriers that often come with trying to learn more about Vedic Sidereal Astology. She posts educational videos as well as horoscopes and political predictions on her Youtube channel. Her paid readings are a bit expensive for the average person. She is also an excellent tarot reader.

She has a great personality that comes out in her videos and live streams, as well as her tweets where she discusses transits and current events on the daily. Her paid content is very affordable for the average person and she has good sales from time to time.

Where Wellness is a Vibration

You can find her on Youtube , Twitter , and Instagram. Her practice focuses on themes of self-growth and personal healing. She offers readings, Sidereal calendars, and a host of different kinds of readings, varying in price. Some of her content is hidden behind a paywall in the form of a monthly subscription.

Her practice focuses on her mediumship abilities and helping others. He also has a couple of videos where he attempts to bring a psychological perspective to Vedic Astrology. You can find a wealth of online courses on his blog which in all honesty are a bit pricey. She explores topics such as cosmetic astrology, tantra, and the Divine Feminine.

She likes to post videos on zodiac sign fashion and female spiritual paths. He discusses current transits and horoscopes in his Youtube videos, which cover anything from daily horoscopes to tutorials. He is a bit monotone and the 13 Sign system is a bit of a throw off, but he does have some insight that makes his content worth watching anyway.

View all posts by madisonlouise Really interesting blog post about astrology. Thanks for sharing with us. Online Astrologer in Delhi. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. By madisonlouise in resources , top 10 on December 7, December 7, In no particular order, here we go….

On a different level, Jupiter indicates teachers, mentors, gurus, and grandparents, and its presence in Scorpio means these people indicated will be less present in your life this year, or even that one of them could leave your life for good. Venus indicates relationships, making it a problematic month for romances.

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Venus will remain in Scorpio until the 28th, at which time it will enter into Sagittarius and be a bit better placed. The Sun begins the month in Sagitarrius in a bit of a rough spot due to the presence of Saturn. These are two diametrically opposed energies; the Sun is bright, nourishing, and increasing, while Saturn is dark, draining, and obstructing. Since the Sun is already a mild malefic, the combination with a serious malefic like Saturn brings the bad side out of both of these planets.

The worst part of the conjunction is in the last few days of December and first few days of January. On the 15th the Sun will leave Sagittarius and enter into Capricorn, which unfortunately is just as hostile towards the Sun as Sagittarius was. This can all cause a pretty rough situation in the workplace, so be sure to avoid any unnecessary drama or arguments, and turn down any shady or untrustworthy opportunities at work.

Rahu and Ketu are in the final months of their transit through Capricorn and Cancer, which should free up your energy considerably to make some changes in your professional life as well as your living situation. For the last year this transit has made it difficult to make progress in these areas of life, or progress has been hard won with more effort than it was worth, and this should begin to ease up even this early on as the energies of Rahu and Ketu begin to fade and die down through January and February. There is a lot of energy this month in the part of your chart that deals with relationships personal or professional , but some complications make it a little hard to predict how it will turn out.

Venus as the ascendant lord should open up new opportunities in a current relationship, or for others it can start a new romance or business partnership. Jupiter can end a relationship by airing out some bad secrets, or because the relationship no longer meets your own principles and hopes. The strength of the relationship and the commitment of the partners to keep it alive will ultimately determine how difficult this transit is.

For the first half of January you are looking at Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun all stationed in the difficult and malefic 8th house, associated with sickness, secrets, and loss. The nervous system is weakened by this transit, so be sure to take it easy as best you can, drink some calming teas and supplements, and maybe take a day or two off work for some personal time if you are feeling too overwhelmed or if your health is deteriorating.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: May 2015 - Sidereal Astrology

The last half of January is a little better for you personally, though health and stress will still be a lingering problem. The Sun in Capricorn will encourage you to think about your life, your goals, and your principles, and can help you gain some clarity with your purpose and your life, which has been a difficult subject for the last year as Ketu has moved through Capricorn and up-ended some of your values and beliefs.

The combination of transits involving Jupiter and Venus in Libra, Mars in Pisces, and the Sun moving into Capricorn this month, can all create a dynamic situation of change and transformation in the chart. Relationships are definitely charged this month, especially for the first half of January, as the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury all fight and argue with each other, neither of them being particularly happy about their places. Saturn and the Sun together can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in your relationship life, communication breakdowns, or even just distance from travel and work that leads to some tension.

You should make sure to take care of your sexual health and hygiene, and give your partner a lot of love, attention, and support to help offset the issues caused by this transit. These feelings will pass as surely as the planets will, but it could be a good 6 weeks before things start picking back up. Venus and Jupiter are sitting in Scorpio, which again makes me concerned for relationships and personal goals since this placement weakens these areas of your life, and can cause conflicts with your partner as well as your boss or superior at work.

The remedy is to intentionally try to bring out the best sides of these planets: love and compassion for Venus, and nobility and charity for Jupiter. By humbling yourself and being supportive of others the difficulties indicated by this transit should be minimal, and you can direct their energies towards self-growth and development. When given the chance, Scorpio is an important sign for personal development through service.

The presence of Venus this month means loving service to your partner and children, while the presence of Jupiter for the next year indicates having to work a lot for a superior or manager at work, or service to the Guru, charity work, etc. There is a lot of energy influencing your career this month, allowing some positive change and transformation in this area of life. Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the Moon, continue to bring a lot of change and transformation into your life, your sense of self, and your relationships, as they have done for the last year and will continue to do until Spring.

Mars is in the 9th house of Pisces this month, strongly supported by Jupiter and Venus from Scorpio.

Sidereal Monthly Horoscopes

This is a time for renewing and strengthening your personal goals and commitments. Mars directs your attention this month to personal and spiritual matters, while Jupiter and Venus gift it an open heart, direct guidance from mentors or teachers, and maybe even some additional financial support to accomplish some goals. Loved ones, superiors at work, or people you look up to, will come together to support your endeavors and help you grow. This is a good time for healing any wounds or rifts between you and others too.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio throughout the year, where it bestows a great deal of creativity and inspiration, which when combined with Mars in Pisces makes this a great time for really setting your goals and putting plans into motion. Venus is also in Scorpio throughout the month, and when coupled with Jupiter can cause travel, but also service to teachers, mentors, and loved ones. For the first half of the month the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury will all be placed in Sagittarius, which can indicate problems with family, government expenditures and fees, and various problems and obstacles.

Sagittarius can be a difficult sign for Cancer ascendants, but the best way to use it positively is to turn the energy of it towards service. Saturn is connected to health for you, so by working on your health and diet you naturally remedy some of the problems caused by Saturn here. The Sun indicates family and wealth, so likewise by helping serve your family and specifically your father, or by managing your accounts and making sure your finances are in order, you are less likely to have problems with this transit.

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The Sun has a difficult time in Capricorn because the energy of Capricorn is the apex of Winter, is heavy and earthy, and obstructs the free flow of life force and inner guidance of the Sun. The result is that people feel lost or cut off from their purpose in life. Leos need to guard their health this month and into the first two weeks of February. For the first two weeks of January, the Sun is transiting through Sagittarius and is afflicted by Saturn, especially in the first few days of the month.

With a good diet and some lifestyle changes you can probably avoid any serious problems, and this brings us to an important look at Saturn for a moment. Saturn ultimately wants to mature us, and mature our views on the areas of life it influences. For the last two years Saturn has been transiting through your fifth house, the sign of Sagittarius, where it has tried to mature your life habits and principles of living.

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Right now the Sun is transiting Saturn, which for now draws your attention back to the pitfalls and drawbacks of a destructive way of life, bad habits, bad diet, etc, with the hopes of giving you a last chance to work on these things. You only have another year before Saturn leaves Sagittarius and the opportunity to grow and develop this part of your life becomes dimmer and less likely to mature. These are your chances to learn from your mistakes and make important changes in your way of life.

Venus and Jupiter will spend the month in Scorpio, dredging the depths of our psyche to help heal any emotional or psychological wounds through introspection and retrospection. Both of these planets should bring joy and love into the heart, but there is a bit of a battle here. Jupiter is Brihaspati, the Guru of the Gods, who teaches the divine beings the ways of the Dharma and the Vedas. Venus is the Guru of the lower spirits and beings subject to the five senses, so it teaches about beauty, health, longevity, music, and other things related to our sensual experience of life.

Jupiter will try to ennoble and purify your worldly inclinations and sensual nature, while Venus will strive to help you see the beauty in the world without having to renounce it, and learn how to be at peace with life without being torn to pieces by it. Anytime these two planets come together it is a great time to ennoble your character, purify your passions, and learn how to direct your worldly duties and spiritual duties into one harmonized way of life.

Jupiter does more than just aspect Venus this month; it also has a special relationship to Mars that ties their energies together while Mars is in Pisces. In a worldly sense, this is a good combination for surgeries and medical operations. Spiritually, Mars being in Pisces can feel like a dimmer on your spiritual path, and how you revive this energy will depend on how you manage the struggle between Jupiter and Venus that I mentioned before.

Sagittarius influences your house, office, and overall home environment in your mundane life. Psychologically it also impacts your mental wellbeing and happiness. The Sun and Saturn both residing here creates a good bit of tension in all of these areas, both in your joy and with your home or office.

These are two opposite planets; the Sun is hot and energetic, while Saturn is cold and lethargic. Saturn has been here for the last two years and can cause depression, lethargy, and make you feel that you have no control or power over your life or living situation. This month, the transit of the Sun as well as a nice aspect from Mars can help change this situation, but since these planets are malefics the nature of the change will be difficult.

But even if negative circumstances made it arise, ANY change to this part of your chart right now is a good thing, in an attempt to put you in a new situation and allow for a change of direction with your life. Saturn ultimately just wants to mature your concepts of happiness and fulfillment, and this is the last year for the next 30 years that it will be able to work so directly on this area of life.

On the 13th, the Sun will leave Sagittarius and enter into Capricorn, and Mercury will do the same on the 20th.

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The main difference between the two transits is that the Sun in Sagittarius brings out more fundamental issues and problems about your approach to a happy and fulfilling life, while the Sun in Capricorn will just trigger some specific events that are stressful and difficult. In women Virgos, the sign Capricorn is connected to the womb and so expecting mothers could have some complications or difficulties, and for all Virgos regardless of sex there can be impediments or expenditures due to education and children.

Venus and Jupiter will spend the month in Scorpio, which can cause problems in relationships, but is good for travels, especially travels related to business. These transits are good for gaining wealth, and support contracts, negotiations, and short travels. In vedic astrology we often divide the sky into two parts: the 6 zodiac signs beneath the earth when you were born that direct your energy more inwards towards personal and psychological matters, and the 6 signs from Horizon to Horizon that were visible in the sky, which direct your energy outwards towards things like relationships, work, income, etc.

Scorpio is the 2 nd house of your chart, opposite Taurus which is the 8 th house. Scorpio is thus the unseen counterpart of Taurus, and Taurus is the visible side of Scorpio. The 2 nd house Scorpio rules your constitution and digestion, the unseen parts of your health. When Scorpio is weak the sign of Taurus opposite it will show signs and symptoms as sickness.

Venus and Jupiter are both in Scorpio this week, which supports Scorpio more than just about any other time in the last 5 years. Venus indicates medicine and health treatments, while Jupiter indicates living habits and principles in this regard. Likewise, by taking herbs and supplements and working on your life habits, daily routine, and overall way of life, you can use these energies to transform and strengthen the rot of your health. Libra ascendants will find that January is a great month in particular for healing these psychological wounds that may have arisen from childhood traumas and experiences. In this sense, Venus indicates therapy or the warmth of good counsel and friends, while Jupiter indicates changing the way you think to a more optimistic and spiritual outlook. The other sign strongly active this month is Sagittarius, with Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun all transiting it.

Saturn is ultimately a beneficial planet for Libras, but it does tend to be a tough teacher. Likewise you may also be learning from a strict teacher, or working under someone who has a strict way of doing things, but this is part of your education so that you can realize your own goals. The only other sign with any new activity happening this month is Pisces, which is enjoying a friendly Mars transit in January.

Pisces is connected with your heart and feelings, and Mars can really inspire people and give them the strength to push through obstacles and drive towards their goals. So how do you use this energy properly? Well, Mars is getting two great aspects this month from Jupiter and Venus.

Jupiter indicates developing a positive mindset and good ambitions, while Venus indicates your sense of self and personal identity. By working and developing these parts of your psyche it will be easier to use Mars the right way. Some strong and auspicious zodiac signs are full of planets and energy this month, giving you lots of support and nourishment. The most important of these signs is your ascendant itself, Scorpio.

Throughout January you will get to enjoy a very well-placed Jupiter, which is being strengthened by Venus alongside it. Taking a closer look at Venus for a minute, we see that it rules the parts of the chart that deal with how you direct your energies and attention, as well as expenses, losses, and the deeper parts of the psyche. This month it transits your rising sign Scorpio, so the energy and attention that would normally be directed outwards into the world as career, drive, relationships, and money, turns around and is instead directed towards yourself, helping to develop and transform your concepts of self and making this an important month for psychological growth and development.

Aspecting Jupiter and Venus is a well-placed Mars in Pisces. Mars is the planetary lord of Scorpio, so its placement is very important for your success and wellbeing.