Sagittarius february 23 weekly horoscope

What do you show and what do you hide? Some undercover parts of your personality may emerge this Monday, November 11, as the Sun shadow dances with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Since the Sun illuminates but Mercury retrograde conceals, it might be hard to know how much to share with people socially.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, 12222

A few trust issues could arise, even in the most intimate relationships. Try not to be reactive though because egos will be fragile under these sensitive skies. On Tuesday, the full moon in slow-jamming, sensual Taurus reminds us of the power of presence.

The past is the past and the future unscripted—but we so often miss "the power of now" by dwelling on both. Then you may be called on to give a crucial presentation around the 12th. Communication is the key to success this year, Scorpio!

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This may mean brainstorming with colleagues and then taking a chance on a bold idea by delivering it to higher-ups. Around early January, a full-moon eclipse in your adventure zone will have you itching to expand your horizons. Traveling with your mate or loved ones offers fulfillment. And come early June, a full-moon eclipse in your money zone raises questions about your current work.

You may want to share a fun date idea with your mate on the 13th. Do it: One-on-one time bolsters your bond! Focus on the facts to stay centered.


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On the 11th, a sun-Mercury meetup in your money zone makes it easy to pitch a job proposal. Around the 12th, sharing your deepest emotions with your mate has you feeling even more in sync. A challenging but crucial talk gets you more in sync. Open up about your desires on the 10th. Chemistry with your mate will soar! Remind yourself of how this move supports the big picture and drives success.

Put work on the back burner to spend time with your partner around the 12th: Letting yourself be in the moment makes for sweet results. On the 13th, pitching an artistic approach to a group project sets the stage for a win. Aquarius January 20 — February 18 Watch out for a slightly aloof attitude towards your love life.

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You may have trouble showing how much you care. Aries March 21 — April 19 Is there someone around you, perhaps a work colleague, who needs a mentor? See if you can reach out and make a difference. Be careful what you wish for!

Rather than differences, look for common ground that allows you to build bridges and break bread.